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We at Gadgets Hub Guarantee that you will get the exact product which you are paying for , The Laptops, Apple accessories and all other gadgets we are offering are for sure New and are not Used/Refurbished until unless specified. All laptops you will get are with complete satisfying hassle free warranty and with our technical expertise we make sure that every laptop is in its Original state & Box packed with original accessories. More over we are offering 7 days replacement warranty on all Laptops offered.

Gadgets Hub offers best prices of Dell, Hp, Acer & Lenovo Core i3, Core i5 & Core i7 Laptops in Pakistan. With technology advancement and lots of awareness of technology, Pakistan has become one of the largest markets for laptops. The demand for laptops is increasing day by day. People used to buy second hand laptops earlier due to some price issues and they could not afford to have a new one but now since the prices of new laptops have come down people prefer to buy new laptops.

Gadgets Hub is another name in the field of online laptops based in Karachi Pakistan. The brand name is synonym for trust and reliability. You can get the latest price quotes from our 24/7 updated online portal. You can order and get in touch with our representative to fulfill your requirements. Gadgets Hub is always available to cater your needs. With increasing demand for new laptops various suppliers come into this arena to exploit the current scenario. Online sales have taken over the offline sales of laptops.

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Mujtaba Sharif

CEO Gadgets Hub

Ali Zuhair

CBO Gadgets Hub

Zahra Haider

Marketing Manager

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Gadgets Hub was started as a small online startup in Pakistan but gradually got famous and now deals in branded gadgets imported from various trusted brands.


Gadgets hub is fastest growing online marketplace, offering an unparalleled shopping experience in Pakistan. Gadgets Hub hosts a wide assortment of consumer electronics, smart gadgets, laptops, accessoreis, cameras and digital products, alongside a rapidly growing miscellany of electronic merchandise.

Apple 90%
Mi 80%
Samsung 80%
HP 70%
Lenovo 85%
A4Tech 90%
Miscellaneous 90%