BLOODY B840 Light Strike LK Optical Gaming Keyboard – LK Blue Tactile Switch by Gadgets Hub

BLOODY B840 Light Strike LK Optical Gaming Keyboard – LK Blue Tactile Switch

  • Connector: USB
  • Key Response:0.2ms
  • Key Style: Optic switch
  • Hotkey:Multimedia hotkey
  • Water-Resistant:Spill-resistant
  • Backlit Brightness: Adjustable
  • Gaming Keycaps:8 ABS Keycaps
  • Anti-ghosting Key:100% Anti-ghosting key
  • Backlit:Neon Glare
  • Cable Length: 1.8 m
  • Key Life: Up to 100 million keystrokes
  • Space-Bar: Screw enhanced space-bar
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 /8.1 / 10 or later

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Innovative LK optical switch technology uses optical detection that removes all input lag which is able to obtain zero digital latency reacting with a speed of 0.2ms key response.

Aluminum Alloy Panel

Top panel made of aluminum alloy for a cutting-edge tech finish and provides stronger and more resistant to corrosion than common panel.

Ultra Durable, 100 Million Lifetime

LK Optic switch has a life span of over 100 million key strokes. (Traditional metal switch tends to oxidize and wear out easily)

Spill-Resistant Design

The LK Optic Switch is surrounded by a 6mm barrier to prevent water damage from spill.

Exclusive “Long-Lasting” Typing Sound

LK Sound Creator Technology developed for “long-lasting” typing sound, while regular switch uses metal friction to generate typing sound and tends to fade away after a several months.

Neon Glare System

Dazzling backlit makes you stand out in the dark.

Full N-Key Rollover

Full NKRO ensures each keypress can simultaneously register regardless of how many keys are being pressed or held down at a time including modifier keys (Shift, Control and ALT).

Ladder-Shaped Keys Design

Engineering for human ergonomics, ensures maximum comfort.

8 Convex Silicon Keys

The 8 gaming non-slip silicon keycaps are designed for a longer comfort usage.

Screw Enhanced Space-Bar

Space-Bar is made of dual screws + dual springs + balancing bar for best durability.


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